Nobody likes to be put in box.

Everyone likes a bit of variety. 


Seeing isn’t always believing…

Wow. #lush

Naziyah Mahmood

(Written for the Blog your Block: Daily Post Challenge)

As I went through the challenge description, the words that stood out to me were “How can you see the familiar landscape of your own block with “explorer eyes”?”

For you see, I don’t see the way many people see!

I can’t quite remember when it all began, but I started to lose my eyesight from a very young age.
I have had specialists and doctors examine my eyes many times over, however, they are still dumbfounded as to why my eyes are in their current state.
I apparently have the eye health and ‘set-up’ of someone who should have 20/20 vision, yet, my lack of vision has left me partially blinded, and unable to wear glasses for too long (any more than ten minutes) as it begins to cause me migraines. For this reason, my evenings have been…

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This week it’s all gone to pot, my pile of washing is literally about 2 foot over the basket, weeds of are taking over my gardening, and most places I look. I got a list of things to plant as long as my arms and legs put together and I’m sure theres food that must be starting to go mouldy by now, under my seatee, (I know, it disgusting) they say there’s an art to leaving your house work for another day but I really have got to have a catch up soon for shame sake. I’ve spent hours reading the most amazing stories, and looking at pictures of the truly epic art from all over the world, I get lost in it for hours. Since begaining my blog and a matching twitter account I’m completely hooked by the buzz in the air surrounding nature, gardening, mental health discussions, there’s a real sense of community sprit out there. Wwwwhhhhhaaaaa wwwwwhhhhhhooooo!

It’s feels amazing to have joined in with the great things that are happening. I had beautiful reply to one of my posts on the mental health forum yesterday “The green will rise over the grey and all will be well” i only hope. Trying to think positive doesn’t work for everyone but I find it helps me. I’ve seen articles that highlight the massive skills shortage we are facing and the critical need for better facilities and opportunities that support the learning of agriculture,horticulture, gardening, nature, and all in all living more sustainably. Doing the green thing, may have suffered a serious image problem in the past but nature meeting streetart/art/creative minds seems to be doing things to turn that around. #urban gardening 3 ❤ ❤